We change lives by helping busy, driven individuals lose stubborn fat (and keep it off), build quality muscle mass and establish healthier lifestyle habits that will last a lifetime. Do you feel stuck in your fitness journey and not sure who or what to trust? This is for you.

Program Overview



    Custom workout routine designed according to your goals, schedule, capabilities, experience level, etc.

    Weekly programmed targets to push optimal results.

    Access to my mobile app workout tracker, tutorial videos for all exercises, etc.


    Custom nutrition plan with macronutrient guidance, supplementation reccomendations, healthy meal ideas, and more.

    It's my job to set you up for success by making dieting feel as restrictive as possible.


    24/7 support from ME, weekly check-ins to ensure consistent progress, and optional video calls.


    An exclusive mobile experience. A daily to-do list, workout and nutrition tracker, and much more.


    Every strategy I utilize in this program has been tested and proven to be effective and sustainable. If you follow the program, I guarantee results

  • Sebastian came to us after putting on some weight after College. He wanted to see his abs again and add some muscle.

    We cleaned up his diet with a high protein ‘If It Fits Your Macros’ and added consistent weight training.
    His results are a big testament to his discipline and commitment. He’s now stronger and leaner than when we started.

    …and he has LEARNED how to keep the weight off by planning ahead!

    Oh and he did this all while balancing a crazy work schedule that included several overtime shifts 🤝👏.

  • When Mike came to me he literally said “so what’s the secret?”

    He had been dieting for quite some time trying to get good a visibility and beach lean, but wasn’t seeing results.

    He was already tracking his calories, but didn’t really know how much to eat or what macros (protein/carbs/fat) to target. He was already eating less than 2000 calories and found himself having setbacks every weekend when he had “cheat days”.

    He also thought that cardio was ultimately the answer.

    Mike’s biggest struggles:
    • losing fat so he can have more ripped abs
    • adding muscle without aggravating his prior injuries
    • break through his progress plateau

    I told Mike the reason you’re not losing anymore fat is because even though you’re doing cardio, your total daily activity is still down. On top of that, you may be overly restricting causing the uncontrolled and unplanned weekend setbacks.

    The solution:
    •Restructuring his macros to get enough protein in, and adjusted carbs and fats so he still had energy to dominate the workouts.
    •PLAN his week so he can have controlled cheat days
    •Structure a training program that didn’t hurt his back and knees, making sure to incorporate some core strength training.
    •Increase his daily steps, as opposed to running or walking on a treadmill for 30-60 minutes.

  • Diamond was able to shed a substantial about of fat in just 8 weeks, all while balancing a hectic Division 1 College Athlete schedule.

    He also built up his strength, speed and explosiveness along the process.

    His hunger was very minimal and even had to up his calories at one point. One of the key benefits of eating enough protein.

    A big testament to Diamonds commitment and work ethic 🤝.

  • Josh is currently in a very slow fat loss phase. We are going at his comfortable pace to improve his overall body composition, while also improving his relationship with food.

    It very important to note that the scale only shows an 11lb difference while his actual physique shows BIG improvements. This is because Josh has also gotten stronger and added muscle along the way.

    Josh has learned to utilize calorie cycling* on a weekly basis to allow less restriction on the weekends! This has allowed him to enjoy the occasional Super Bowl party, cheat meal or weekend trip.

    It is always more important to think about the long term implications of a diet and assess how sustainable it is. If you become too restrictive you are more likely to rebound and fail.

  • Brandon came to us looking to clean up his diet and shrink down his belly size. Previously he was eating a lot of fast food and didn’t have any sort of structure to his Training or Nutrition.

    Because Brandon was new to dieting properly (eating plenty of protein and micronutrient dense foods) he was able to do a bit of a Body Recomposition.

    We lowered his calories just below maintenance, which is why the scale didn’t move much, but he lost a good amount of fat on his waist and gained strength!

    All this was done at Brandons pace* to fit his busy Schedule working full time and shooting videos.

    He’s currently still implementing a healthy lifestyle and now transitioning to a mass gaining phase to add some lean muscle tissue.

  • This is Cal's Body Recomposition result, where he was burning fat and gaining muscle while the scale remained flat.We cleaned up his diet and made sure to incorporate hard training with high protein.

    Cal balanced a full time job and went on several Ski trips & vacations along the way, and still managed to get these great results.

    Big shoutout to Cal for staying consistent and trusting the process!


My name is Anthony Anisimov and I started One Percent Better Coaching to help busy and driven men and women transform their physique/figure and eating habits utilizing SUSTAINABLE, SCIENCE-BACKED strategies.

I’ve made every mistake there is when it comes to dieting and adding muscle.

There’s a lot of false information out there when it comes to fitness, so it’s fair to not really know what to believe.

Just some of the mistakes I made:
❌Thinking more is always better and training 7/week
❌Thinking I needed to only eat boiled chicken, broccoli and rice to lose weight
❌I had to do tons of cardio (stair-master)
❌Supplements like fat burners were going to help, and creatine was ”bad”
❌Training the same muscle on consecutive days, sometimes even 3 days in a row
❌If I trained abs more I would burn fat in my stomach (spot reduction was possible)
❌Eating at night would make me fat
❌Training a hurt or sore muscle was fine, I was just being soft
❌Just lifting heavy would make me grow muscle, rep ranges and volume didn’t matter
❌Starving myself during the week then binging on the weekends (yo-yo dieting)

Ultimately it took me years to learn and figure out, but I did.

I spent hours a day (and still do) researching and learning the space, getting certifications, and performing trial and error on myself (contest preps).

If I could go back and tell my younger self what the right answers were and save me time, I would.

But the silver lining is my journey taught me so much to the point where I was more confident than ever that I could transform anyone’s body like the way I did mine….without having them make the same mistakes I made.

My new passion of coaching was found.


Ready To Work?

I have certifications through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and Clean Health Group, and have years of online personal training experience and have personally helped 100's of others build a sustainable lifestyle when it comes to fitness.

I’m here for the people who TRULY want to make a change to better themselves. If you’re serious about your fitness goals, let’s get to work.

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